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Renault Logan

Renault Logan

Per Day Rate
₹1600 / Day 8hr / 80km
₹170 per Excess Hr & ₹13 per Extra Km
Driver Bata ₹200
4 Passengers
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Mahindra and Renault have a 50-50 joint partnership in India, and Mahindra Renault Logan was the first car launched jointly by both the companies. This mid-size sedan belonging to the C-segment has the widest body in its class. This means the car has a lot of space inside. However, you should remember that this car is not about owning a expensive stylish car. It is an entry level sedan with all the basic features of mid-size sedan that delivers a mileage of 19kmpl. The car is extremely economical and was initially launched in 11 cities of India. Now the car is currently being exported to South Africa and is being sold as Renault Logan. Recently, Mahindra Renault launched Logan Edge as its successor. The company has taken in to consideration all the feedbacks from the customers and implemented and upgraded the car to suit the customers’ wishes.

City Use Rate

8 hours 80 kilometers = Rs.1600
Additional hour = Rs.170
Additional Kilometer = Rs.13
Drivers Batta = Rs.200

Outstation Rate

100 kilometers = Rs.1700
Additional Kilometer = Rs.13
Additional hour = Nil
Drivers Batta = Rs.200

  • Point to point service
  • Dedicated chauffeur service
  • Air port transfer